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Come and Join Us - Get Involved!

Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life became the best selling hardback non-fiction book in history and, after the Bible, is the second most-translated book in the world. It's not difficult to understand why. The thing that people seek most often is purpose in their lives. Most people want to feel that their life makes a difference. It is easy to look for significance in the wrong places. If you feel that you have missed an opportunity to fulfil a dream of doing something about poverty and injustice please read on.

It's so easy to take everything that we have for granted. Around Kosele people are truly thankful to see each new day, to have food to eat and clothes to wear. It's not a lot to expect but many of our neighbours struggle to find even the very basics of life for themselves and for their children. Living and working in a place like Kosele, even for as little as a week, opens your eyes and heart to a world completely different to the one you are used to. The practical considerations of life that preoccupy people in the West - career, mortgage, pension, health and welfare take on a completely different complexion in Kosele. How would you, for example, cope with the idea of going to a hospital where you have to share your bed with two other people? How would you deal with the problem of having no clean water to drink - at all?

It would be easy to get carried away with the doom and gloom of life in a developing country. Kosele will certainly challenge any preconceptions you may have about life outside your comfort zone. Once you have adjusted to your new environment you will find yourself drawn to something dear to Jesus' heart - serving others, less fortunate than yourself. There are many ways that you can use the gifts and heart that God has given. Whether you are a very hands on practical person, a teacher, a carer, a business person, a pastor, a painter, a musician, a sports fanatic or a counsellor there is a job for you out here in Kenya. An opportunity for you to make your mark in a faraway place.

Before you consider joining us we feel it is only fair to warn you that once you have visited this part of Kenya your heart will always find its way back. Africa gets into your blood!

What to expect

As you can see from the pictures on this page we have enjoyed visits from a large number of very different people. They have built houses, taught the children, preached in church, encouraged our teachers and managers, played games with the children, encouraged us, built a greenhouse, worked on the farm, made showers, fixed things and most importantly of all taken time to get to know people. Coming alongside the children, our neighbours, church members, teachers and staff will give you a great opportunity to find the compassion that Jesus so frequently ministered with. As you spend time getting to know them you will find that the people in Kosele will teach you a lot about yourself and may well challenge some of your priorities in life. Expect to be moved by your time in Kenya. Expect God to move in your life as you immerse yourself in a different culture and environment. More than anything expect to be changed by Kenya.

Whether you are young or old or somewhere in between we know that Kosele has something to offer you. Click here to download our information for visitors.

Welcome to Kosele

Before 2012 visitors to Kosele had to find a bed wherever we had space. In the past we have put visitors up in classrooms, dormitories and the small house that Terry and Judi usually live in. Inspired by our good friend John Appleton we decided that we needed to build suitable accomodation for our visitors. In February 2012 our Visitors' Centre opened and was immediately occupied by a group of volunteers from Cisco. You can see pictures of the Visitors Centre by clicking here. The Visitors Centre will be your base while you are in Kosele. We hope that you will find it a welcoming home from home.

Current Opportunities

We are very open to applications from anybody who believes that they have a heart for mission work and would like to visit us in Kosele. As we are in the process of developing our schools we would particularly welcome applications from people with experience working in schools and in the caring professions. We are especially keen to welcome visitors with the heart for longer term mission work. Our Visitors' Centre provides suitable accommodation for couples, single people and families who are considering spending an extended time on the mission field. Elim church members should apply through Elim Missions . The Elim Missions team will be happy to handle your application.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about joining us in Kosele please read our visitors information first. You can download it by clicking here.

If you decide to apply to volunteer you can download our application form by clicking here. Please fill in the form electronically and email it to We will respond as soon as we hear from you.

If you have any specific questions about volunteering or the work that we do please send an email to