UK Registered Charity No. 1108996

Our appeal for your help

We hope that our website has given you a good picture of our work in Kenya. We are planning to be in Kenya for a very long time. We do not wish to become one of the hundreds of 'failed' projects that litter the African landscape. To make that happen we need to find partners - people who are willing to come alongside us and support us in a number of ways

We cannot avoid the fact that it will require a decent amount of money to push a number of our projects on to completion. Our e-Learning computer system depends on our ability to pay for solar power and laptops. We would, ideally, like to set up a computer room in both of our schools so that our pupils and students can enjoy the benefits of systems that are custom built for their ages and abilities. We would, in due course, like to be able to help other schools in our area to benefit from such systems. This type of investment builds up long term assets that generations of young people and their teachers can benefit from.

We also need monthly sponsorship to make sure we meet our running costs each month. Our school feeding program, wages bill, running costs for our schools and the costs of maintaining our compound come to a minimum of £5,000 or $8,500. These figures represent the bare minimum. We usually have additional expenditure each month - medical costs, vehicle repairs, assistance for needy community members .... the list goes on. We have so far always met our obligations. We are a good employer - our staff salaries are paid on time every month (which doesn't always happen with other local employers).

To make the biggest impact in our children's lives we would like to increase the number of educational outings that we can take them on, provide clothing and shoes for the neediest and ensure that they have adequate resources for playing and sports.

Come and join us, make a donation, become a partner

All of the people who have jumped on a plane and visited us in Kenya have had their lives changed by the experience. Many have made repeat visits. Whether you come as part of a large group or in twos and threes you will find that being here is a very special experience. You will begin to see ways that you can make a significant impact on the problems we have described on the pages of our web site.

If you want to join with us on our mission please search your heart and decide how you could help. On each of our main pages you will find suggestions about specific ways of helping us.

Perhaps you could be an investment angel and make a donation to bring one of our projects a step closer to completion. The PayPal button on each page is a safe and convenient way to donate.

You might wish to sponsor one of our children, providing longer term support through his or her education. If you send an email to we will email you a sponsor pack with details of the kind of support you could give.

If you want to join us in Kosele download our Information for Visitors by clicking here. If you would like an application form to volunteer please download our form by clicking here. Please complete the form electronically and send it to