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Inspiring Sermons

With so many excellent resources to choose from on the web it's sometimes hard to know where to go first. These are links to inspiring teachers to help you in your walk with God.

All of the links below point to collections of sermons and archives. We have found them very helpful - they challenge, encourage and motivate.

Northpoint Community Church John Ortberg - Menlo Park Warsaw Community Church Saddleback Drivetime Seacoast Church Brian McLaren Tony Campolo


So much has been written about development issues it's sometimes hard to know where to start. The links below will direct you to resources that combine good scholarship with practical guides to action. If you have a heart for making the world a better place - for everybody - why don't you consider putting a toe in the water by paying us a visit

Poverty Unlocked When Helping Hurts Tearfund International Learning Zone World Vision UN Development UN Human Development Report


The so called "Green Revolution" has been the subject of heated debate ever since the first green shoots of India's experience sprouted in the 1970s. Many people would argue that Agriculture is the most pressing problem on the planet right now. Establishing a global agriculture system that would really Feed The World is undoubtedly a huge challenge.

Farming God's Way - REALLY WORKS !!! CGIAR World Bank Agriculture UN Agriculture Humanure Yes Really! Bill Mollison Video Challenging


The 'leadership industry' has spawned millions of dollars worth of product - books, video, courses etc. Sorting the wheat from the chaf is a daunting task. Many leaders feel honour bound to check out the whole market. The links below send you to some of the best leadership advice around - especially the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast.

TED Talks - Subject Index - International Thought Leaders Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast Catalyst Podcast Good To Great Lead Like Jesus David Marquet

Media and News Sources

Hope and Kindness works in Kenya. The links below will send you to the principal news sources for Kenya and other more general links to news about Africa. The stories you will read will excite you, shock you, amuse you and challenge you. One thing is for sure - life in Kenya is never dull! As World Service fans we hope you will enjoy the BBC podcasts.

Daily Nation (Kenya) Standard Online (Kenya) Business Daily (Kenya) BBC News Africa BBC World Service Podcasts


There are so many brilliant resources available on the Internet that it would take a whole website to do justice to them all. This last collection of links points you to some of the remaining resources that we have found helpful over the years. Just like the Internet our links collection is a work in progress so we will add more links on a regular basis.

Jesus Army Collection of Classic Christian Books. Biblical Training Online. CK12 Free Textbooks. Open Office Software Photoshop Alternative For Free