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We hope that our video collection will give you a better idea about what life is like at Hope and Kindness. Our videos will show you some of the things we get up to in our schools and provide a glimpse of our wonderful children and their teachers.

We will be adding to the gallery as we edit more video. .

One of the most rewarding acivities for our visitors has been house building. We have built many houses like the one you will see in the video, for people whose housing situation was absolutely terrible.

Our friend John Appleton, with his then colleagues from Cisco, got stuck into building a house during their visit. John explains the process which, as you can see, is a very messy business!

Dorine, our pastor, has an infectious enthusiasm for God and is happy to share it with the children. Fortunately for Dorine the children really love to sing.

Both of our pastors, Dorine and Kennedy are activiely involved in our schools. They support the pupils and students with encouraging assemblies, teaching and counselling.

The children in our ECD class are a delightful bunch. They love singing and dancing. Fortunately for them the syllabus seems to think its OK for them to sing and dance, so we encourage them to do it as often as possible.

The children in our primary school have a great challenge ahead of them learning in three languages. They are taught in the local tribal language(Luo), Swahili and English. How many youngsters in the West face the same challenge?